Green Building With Forest Products


Wood has long been a popular construction choice because it is easy to work with, durable, safe, comfortable and beautiful.

  • As concern about the environment grows, more people are turning to wood because it is a natural product that is renewable and recyclable.
  • Numerous studies have shown that wood products offer clear environmental advantages over other major building products; for example, less energy is needed to produce wood products when compared with concrete, plastics, metals and other materials, and there are fewer impacts on air and water quality.
  • New technology has increased the efficiency of wood and expanded its uses to larger structures such as commercial, multi-family, education, health and industrial buildings. Engineered wood products yield higher strength and greater versatility while reducing waste at every stage of production.

Thanks to the stringent laws and regulations governing Canada’s forest - the largest voluntary third-party sustainable certification area on earth - customers can rest assured they are buying wood products from well-managed forests.

Green Building

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