Canadian Forestry Science and Innovation

Science and innovation
  • There are forest research centres in all regions of Canada, funded by federal or provincial governments, academic institutions or industry.
  • The consolidation of three Canadian forest research institutes has created FPInnovations, the largest public-private forest research and development institution in the world.
  • Through its four divisions - Pulp and Paper, Forest Operations, Wood Products, and the Canadian Wood Fiber centre – FPInnovations works toward further scientific advancements in sustainability.

Canadian researchers have been studying the country's forests for generations with the intent of keeping its ecosystems healthy and its forest industry viable and competitive. Forest science research brings together experts in topics ranging from biodiversity to silviculture to socio-economics, and there is a growing appreciation for the need to include traditional knowledge from Aboriginal peoples and local communities.

Canadian scientists work with their international counterparts on forestry-related projects such as the impacts of climate change and the development of innovative wild land fire management tools, systems and techniques.

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