Canada: A Leader in Sustainable Forest Management



Canada’s sustainable forest management standards are internationally recognized as among the most rigorous in the world. Continuous improvement of environmental performance, as informed by science, is key to developing our resources responsibly, sustaining local communities as well as international trade and jobs.

  • Canada has the largest voluntary sustainable forest management certification area on earth. That, combined with stringent forest laws and regulations assures customers that they are buying products from well-managed forests.
  • Although legislation and policies differ from one jurisdiction to the next, their vision and goals are unified around sustainable use.
  • Sustainable forest management recognizes non-timber forest values, many of which contribute to the national economy.

Canada's leadership in forest management extends far beyond its borders - in 1994, it became a founding member of the Montreal Process, an initiative dedicated to the sustainable development of the world’s temperate and boreal forests and still stands as one of the initiative’s 12 members.


Sustainable Forest Management


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